Here are a few Testimonials received from users of Rod’s Sunday School Lessons:

I discovered Rod’s website quite by accident around 3 years ago….perhaps longer.  After I go through the lesson material given to me from Lifeway, the first place I go afterwards is to Rod’s page. There is ALWAYS material on his weekly website that I can use in my lesson preparation. If you just look at the sheer volume of information he provides, I think you will agree with me that Dr. Rod puts a tremendous amount of study, and effort into these pages…and they are there…every week without fail. I am quite sure we would all be ‘lost’ if his website was not available when we clicked on it. This is a wonderful ministry that is available to us, free of charge, and I for one am very blessed for having discovered it.
Jack, Shawnee Kansas

Thank you for making your lesson available on the Internet. As a teacher, I’m always searching for material that will enable me to “rightly divide the Word” and make appropriate application to our present living. Often your pages have been helpful in doing just that. It is good to see familiar scripture through another’s eyes. While I use several commentaries, I still regularly check your questions, applications and comments for a fresh consideration.

Thank you for the SS lessons that are always succinct, helpful, insightful and to the point. I use multiple resources and I always look at your view. Thank you for your work.
Bob, Little Rock, AR

I was introduced to your SS message today on a Zoom meeting with my 90 year old former pastor. He was using the SS info along with his teaching. We are using Zoom due to his age, health etc. I was very impressed with the layout and the specificity of the content. I went to your website and I was sooo impressed with what I found. Thank you for making this available….
Jack, Longwood, FL

Our SS Class has three teachers that rotate each month and we use your lessons as part of the the material. There are times when your material clarifies the point of the lesson and your questions give us a different look at the material.  I want to encourage you to continue because there are times when we have used the material in our lessons at two Correctional Centers when we do Bible Studies there. Thank you for sharing your material with us.
JS, Appomattox, VA