Benevolence Cover Cropped Many people including pastors and churches have been victims of money scams. Seemingly honest, down-on-their-luck individuals use clever stories to rake money from gullible givers. When we give money to such scammers we actually encourage bad behavior and allow them to commit a crime worthy of prison. Other times, well-meaning good Samaritans have been duped by church members and even family members for years for handouts.

“Guide to Benevolence Giving for Church and Family” lays out many biblical principles to help people and churches to identify legitimate needs and to avoid frivolous wants and outright scams. The book also list 12 common scams, plus provides artifacts useful for a church benevolence committee. These artifacts include a Church Benevolence Policy, Committee Charter, Benevolence Log, and a Benevolence Request Form.

Book: Guide to Benevolence Giving for Church and Family
ISBN: 978-1-60383-203-8 / 1603832033
Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing
Published: June 2009
Author: Rod O’Neil | | [email protected]

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